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XP system from the machine when Verifying DMI Pool

2010 April 8
Posted by hbqiww

XP system from the machine Verifying DMI Pool Data when the treatment is not fixed

XP systems from machine Verifying DMI Pool Data when the treatment is not fixed
DMI Desktop Management Interface is the English abbreviation of the word, that is, the desktop management interface, it contains information on the system hardware configuration. Every time you start the computer when all of the DMI data validation, if the data error or hardware change, it will test the machine, and the test data is written to save the BIOS chip. So if we banned the BIOS settings BIOS chip refresh function, or use the jumper on the motherboard BIOS chip banned refresh function, then this machine DMI data will not be updated. If you change the hardware configuration, then during Windows system, the machine still under the old system configuration work. This can not fully display the performance of newly added hardware, and sometimes this or that kind of failure.
This information appears generally have the following possible:

newly added hardware to change the hardware compatibility is not good, leading to the above situation.


set to change the BIOS settings when the error occurs, such as memory read and write parameter is set incorrectly, the hard drive mode settings are wrong, onboard sound card and integrated sound card setting is wrong, etc., will cause not start.

3. hard-wire connection error

such circumstances hard drive data cable connection is bad, poor quality of data lines the number of lost-time error caused by too much data, the data line plug wrong (motherboard side and then access the hard disk side down height), the main jumper from the hard disk error, hard disk capacity, or mode setting is wrong and so on.

4. the hard disk master boot content corruption

When the contents of the hard disk master boot sector overwritten by other programs or destroy the virus may also be removed when the hard disk partition table or man-made set to logic lock state, it will crash at this time.

for the hard disk master boot sector of the boot loader is damaged, we can use Fdisk / MBR command to repair the disk or use the edit function KV3000 Find 0 0 plane of the other 62 sectors Shipi there Backup master boot process, to restore the surface to 0 0 0 District can.

for the partition table is damaged relatively trouble. If only the partition table is not “80″ signs or more “80″ sign, or no “55AA” signs, we only use KV3000 editing manually the disk repair on it. If it is the logical lock, you need to create a special disk to unlock. If the partition table has been completely destroyed or encrypted, then we can re-partition of.

5. Hard

faulty hard drive capacity is increasing, faster and faster, but the quality of the hard disk seems to have been getting worse. To the current market, there are 94,95 year of production of hundreds of M’s second-hand hard selling it. Can now, just bought a new hard drive, just a few days will be bad sectors into a wonderful film or inexplicable loss of data, no longer is the “rattle rattle” of the comments strike quit. When the hard disk hardware failure, there will be the case, such problems can be identified in the hard disk in the CMOS to the hard drive, disk very well recognized, but that can not enter the system, can not be partitioned and formatted correctly.

6. motherboard problems motherboard

and is mainly related to the hard disk controller board problems, causing data transfer instability, error rate is too high.

7. overclocking damage

if we overclocked too far, it will also appear after boot to the hard disk to crash here. Power On Self Test then we had better live show when the frequency is the number of CPU, and then open the case check how much the actual CPU frequency, the two are the same. Particularly after the PIV CPU, the integrated high, if we use overclocking, most likely caused by CPU over the internal e-decay in a short time, resulting in a short time CPU scrapped.

The solution:

1. to restore the hardware to change state before, check whether the system can start normally.

2. Check all cable or expansion card is connected correctly.

3. try to re-configure the BIOS in the “PNP / PCI configuration” “Reset Configuration Data” can also use the “Force Update ESCD” like the BIOS option set to “Enabled & rdquo ;, then save and exit. If you can not start, and then try to set to “Disabled” to try.

4. Search motherboard manual for information on the CMOS jumper and clear the CMOS. Please note: In the Clear CMOS settings must unplug the power cord or to the host mainframe power switch set to off or 0.

5. disconnect the hard drive cable, including optical drives or other IDE devices, and then enter the BIOS settings for the floppy disk boot Select boot sequence, press F10 store exit, and then put in the floppy drive in a bootable system disk, check whether the system can start normally.

6. Upon completion of clear CMOS settings, the CMOS settings in the “PNP / PCI configuration” option is set to “Enabled\force update ESCD data.

7. If the host can boot via floppy disk, hard disk, but can not start, this may be the primary boot hard drive data is damaged, then you can partition the software to fix the master boot program code, such as using a floppy disk after restarting your computer, use the FDISK / MBR command to repair the master boot. Can also go to the appropriate hard drive manufacturer’s website to download a special tool for hard disk analysis program to check your specific hard disk failure.

8. If after the above settings also can not rule out failure, then consideration should be given a motherboard or hard drive IDE interface issues resolved by substitution.

Jun Panda burning incense and early release of vir

2010 April 4
Posted by hbqiww

yesterday afternoon, Huoxing 4 years of “Panda burning incense” virus maker Li Jun, early release, he commuted more than a year. In Jun 5 months before release, there are well-known IT company, hopes to join the company Jun.

yesterday afternoon, Li Jun, serving three years out of prison. The first thing he wants to take a bath. He did not own the phone, the reporter found him through his friends, he is buying clothes and socks. In prison, the “Panda burning incense” another manufacturer, that is, Li Jun’s friend and classmate Lei Lei, Li Jun, has been waiting to go home. Originally, Jun Huo Xing four years for good behavior in prison, commuted more than a year. Last night, when the press contacted his mother, she learned her son had been released from prison, conversation is very happy, she said, “Thank the media on Jun attention. “

2005, the Li Jun, traveled to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, looking for a company,” network administrator “positions. However, he cast a lot of resumes on the Internet have been fruitless. Two months later, Li Jun chosen back to Wuhan. August 2006, Li Jun, think that the program is boring, he decided to drop out. Days after withdrawal, he hid in a day off to play within the Southern District of rental computers. A month later, he was out of “fun” started writing “” Panda burning incense “” virus.

year in September to January 2007, Li Jun, who created that shocked the nation, “” Panda burning incense “” virus, the final Huoxing. This year in June, is still serving a sentence of Li Jun, has commissioned this paper to help them seek work, he preferred to work in networking, tend to network security, he was self-recommended, “I am very understanding of the virus windows technology, good at protection against virus attacks and counter-tracking. . ”

July 20 this year, this newspaper launched the “Panda burning incense” Li Jun, a large maker reported a return visit after the rise to national attention of visitors. Some well-known IT companies, talent search firm, and a number of small IT companies, IT education in schools, on Jun have shown a keen interest and have a telephone call to the newspaper, want to join to invite Jun.

this, Li Jun individuals not to respond. He said the matter needs to go home after work to consider. Recently, the reporter had all the relevant information conveyed to the Jun.

DIY guide to the sections that have more and the “Panda burning incense and virus creators Jun advance release” related articles, for the introduction of this article or more, if you think this article is the wrong place, or you have a unique perspective, you are welcome to express their views on computer knowledge and suggestions Forum. If you like computer knowledge, please keep in mind the only site domain name

Jun Panda burning incense and early release of virus creators

Add a Safe Mode boot menu WINXP method. Html

2010 April 2
Posted by hbqiww

After doing a good job setting

Open the c packing directory boot.ini file will be “operating systems” under the “multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) windows =” microsoft windows xp professional “/ fastdetect” Copy and paste the line below in a.

Add a Safe Mode boot menu WINXP method

select the “multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (1) windows =” microsoft windows xp safemode “/ fastdetect” line, and then select the startup option in the “/ safeboot ( f) “option.

click “OK” button, so that there will be more and then boot up a boot menu, select one of the microsoft windows xp safemode you can enter safe mode with networking support of the.

and then one of the “microsoft windows xp professional” changed to “microsoft windows xp safemode\

in the boot menu to add a Safe Mode, which is a wonderful idea. Problem in the system when we need to enter safe mode, we start by eliminating the “F8″ steps. DIY system, a friend would like to bring great convenience. He can make you like to select multiple systems, choose to start Safe Mode. Windows XP Start Menu Add Safe Mode item how?

This added security model for that feature. If you need additional support, you can also “/ safeboot (f)” behind the choice, for example, select “network (w)” can be achieved network support Safe Mode.

Click “Start” menu, open the Run dialog box, run “msconfig” to open the System Configuration Utility window, switch to the “boot.ini” tab.

Ghost possessed virus alert

2010 April 1
Posted by hbqiww

Ghost possessed virus alert

“vigilance possessed ghost virus” is based on book knowledge, on-line information, practical experience, summed up the article, if you want to know more of these questions, please focus-virus security view includes more articles!

Huajun information to remind you: The recent emergence of several new computer virus, harmful Internet users, what is worth a high degree of attention, Huajun summarized several-virus software to the latest virus, broadcast, hope to strengthen prevention, pay attention to safety.

broadcast of the virus in the current period, Jinshan to remind users are concerned about the total solar eclipse also pay attention to “ghost possessed” virus; Rising to draw attention to Worm.Win32.Autorun.slk worm; Jiang China to remind the user should pay attention to the “gangster” variant of gx and the “hare” Trojan variant bw; Kaspersky urges users to “browser interceptor” tamper with the browser. Following is the current virus, the specific content of broadcast:


Kingsoft reminder: total solar eclipse row “devil possessed” Mito hidden behind the highly toxic “/ p>

ushered in 500 years across the country yesterday, once in the total solar eclipse (partial eclipse) wonders, the majority of Internet users have to be of great concern, observation and upload pictures wonderful scene, in which the major media wonderful photographs Forum competing reproduced. However, in the User at the same time enjoy the gorgeous solar eclipse pictures, Kingsoft Cloud Security Center came the latest warning, “total eclipse” Mito were by and large “ghost possessed\

According to Kingsoft Anti-virus experts, Li has just introduced this “possessed” Mito total solar eclipse of the virus is “haunted by a ghost” (win32.troj.junkunknown2.ak.24576) This virus is a bundle images and other documents through to achieve the spread of the virus. It has a remote connection feature, once up and running smoothly, it will be the user’s computer server, connected with the hacker will be the user’s computer into a “chicken.”

based Kingsoft Cloud Security Center test data, “haunted by a ghost” yesterday adopted the bundling “a total solar eclipse,” Mito spread of infection in a single day increase over million times, and this shows virus infection range from expanding. In addition, being “possessed by a ghost\As the “devil possessed” small size, tied up in the image file of the characteristics of the user is difficult to find a weak defense; as long as the user clicks the picture, “haunted by ghosts” will be displayed in the image out of the moment ” sprang to “run quietly in the background to connect the remote server, specify the hackers will be the user’s computer into a” chicken \

In fact, “total eclipse” is not the first time being used to spread the virus hotspots pictures. Recently the network filled with “Tuoku door\are the virus groups in order to spread the virus the “best” carrier. Internet users attention to these events the greater the opportunity for the spread of the virus to spread higher.

therefore Kingsoft Anti-virus experts remind massive numbers of visitors, watching events related to hotspots at the same time, we must be careful of this quietly “slip” came the virus. Recommended installation Kingsoft Internet Security Laboratory provided free professional network defense tools “Jinshan Network Shield” (Download:, a comprehensive network upgrade their defense capabilities, in the to bring happiness to enjoy the Internet the same time, comprehensive protection for their network security.


“Anji radio and television\Self-Rising “Cloud security” system, were verified by the verification of published only as of the release of related sites for the massive numbers of visitors for reference.

day safety review:

According to Rising “Cloud security” system statistics, July 22, a total of 1,503,775 page views of the users have been hanging horse attacks, Rising intercepted a total of 352,948 a hanging horse website.

day be hanging Horse Site Top5:

(Note: The following websites are all with the virus, please do not click)

1, “Anji Radio Television & rdquo ;: / smalltvmen.asp? asd = 7, is embedded in a malicious website *****. cn / aa / of.htm.

2, “ITPUB Technology Portal”:, is embedded in a malicious website ****. cn/aa/02. htm.

3, “Jing City Netscape”: / besttone / u /? i = 10067, is embedded in a malicious website ****. cn/aa/02. htm.

4, “Kyushu Monternet”: / game / index.html, is embedded in a malicious website ****. cn/123.htm.

5, “Jing Bao PDF Edition”: / hkcd / zhengquan / file.asp? id = 14386, is embedded in a malicious Web site ****. cn / aa / test.htm.

(hang Ma site please click on:

day of the most popular Trojan:

Worm.Win32.Autorun.slk (worm)

“Cloud security” system, received a total of 27069 times users reported. The virus running through the process of traversing the release of driver files to restore ssdt table, create the registry key way of taking off and remove the foreign anti-virus software, and eventually the virus will also visit a large number of hackers to download Trojan designated address, through the autorun.inf file in the user opens run automatically when the drive letter.

Rising security experts recommend:

1, the use of anti-hanging horse functions with security software, such as “Rising full-featured security software 2009\Ma Web site attack (30-day free trial: 2, use the free Rising Kaka Assistant 6.0 ( to give the system and third-party software patches, and block hanging horse website.

case of the virus, or computer users, such as abnormal, please call the Anti-Virus Emergency Phone: 82.6788 million, you can also visit the Rising Anti-Virus Wide Web: or visit http:// using online experts for free advice clinics.


Jiangmin today to remind your attention: In today’s viruses Trojan / Hijacker.gx “bandit” variant of gx, and Trojan / & ldquo ; hare “variant bw cause for concern.

English name: Trojan / Hijacker.gx

Chinese name: “bandit” variant gx

Virus length: 13907 bytes

Virus Type: Trojan

risk level: ★ ★

affect Platform: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

MD5 checksum : 1845c496742deb96b8d828b0b6413468

Feature Description:

Trojan / Hijacker.

windows command recognition Trojan horse virus

2010 March 31
Posted by hbqiww

windows command recognition Trojan horse virus

windows command under a lot of features that are not in the system. One of the most distinctive feature is the recognition for the Trojan virus, this can be in the network security features to safeguard the right to play a very important role, the author Jiuji introduce several important command line so that you stay away from virus, Trojan horse attacks.

detect network connection with the windows command

Now Trojan virus is very smart, can easily escape from firewalls and antivirus software, tracking, hand tools if you have no way to detect it we can use the windows built-in commands to see if there are undesirable elements to connect your computer. Command format is: netstat-an command to see all and the local computer to connect IP, which contains four sections – proto (connection), local address (local link address), foreign address (and the local establishment of the connection address), state (the current port state). For more information through this command, we can fully monitor the connection on the computer, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the computer.

with the windows command to disable unknown service

windows a lot of system services is not to be used, these system services are still occupied by system memory and CPU usage. These services are often useless systems Trojan that can be used, resulting in paralysis of the system. How do we know if a virus Trojan invasion of your system services out? This time by “net start” to see what kind of services the system is turned on, if we find an open service is not their own, we can in a targeted manner to disable this service. Method is direct input “net start” to see the service, and then “net stop server” to prohibit service.

easy to check the accounts with the windows command

a very long period of time, a malicious attacker who love to use cloning methods to control the account on your computer. They used way is to activate a system, the default account, but this account is not frequently used, and then use the tool to upgrade this account to the administrator privileges, from the surface, it seems this account is the same as the original, but the cloned account is the system’s biggest security risk. A malicious attacker can arbitrarily control through this account on your computer. In order to avoid this situation, you can use very simple method accounts for testing.

first in the command line, enter net user, see what the computer user, then use “net user + user name” see what permissions the user belongs to, usually in addition Administrator is the administrators group others are not! If you find a system built-in user belongs to administrators group, then almost certainly you have been invaded, and someone else on your computer cloned accounts. Quick to use “net user username / del” to delete the user bar!

Commonly used in computer tips

2010 March 30
Posted by hbqiww

Commonly used in computer tips

1, in Notepad to open the file automatically records the time

in Notepad, we can record each time you open a plain text file file of time, method: In the first line of the file type “. LOG” (note: must be uppercase!), and then began to wrap the body of . So that each time you open the file after the closure of the file will automatically add the current time later.

2, the program will be the favorite place in the Start menu at the top of four weeks

you whether a program is very popular and often used? So, to be placed through the top of the list of its way to progress in its priority in the Start menu. This approach can ensure that the program remain in the Start menu, and other programs without interference, even if other programs have a higher frequency of use as well. On the Start menu, right-click the link to your favorite link to the program, and the resulting shortcut menu, select “attached to the ‘Start’ menu” on the. Your program will be permanently moved to the top of the list, just at the bottom of the browser and e-mail programs.

3, for the Capslock increase the Bell

accidentally pressed when you enter the Chinese capital Capslock will become in English, to this key plus a “bell” on the rest assured that much more. Method is: Open “Control Panel” and “accessibility” in the “keyboard” item, choose the “Use toggle keys.”

4, the use of resources to the Recycle Bin folder encryption

(1) First, click “My Computer → View → Folder Options\

(2) into the system root directory, right-click “Recycle Bin” (that is called the “Recycled” file folder), in the pop-up dialog box on the shortcut menu select “Enable Thumbnail View mode “and then click” apply \Then you will find that the icon has become a common folder appearance, the next time you double-click the “Recycled” folder, find the one called “desktop.ini” initialization file, and activate it, copy to your need to encrypt the files, such as in “d: \ MyFiles” folder below.

(3) and then right-click the “d: \ MyFiles” folder, select Properties, in the pop-up dialog box, ensure that “Read Only” attribute is selected, then in the “Enable thumbnail view mode & rdquo ; box hooked before the fight, and then can be determined.

5, the provisional allocation of governance authority for their own computer knowledge

a lot of programs both during the installation process requires you to have control rights. Here first in order to allow a normal user logged on circumstances, the temporary allocation of governance authority for their own simple way. Right-click the program installation files in the same time as holding down the “Shift” key. In the resulting shortcut menu, click “Run\In this way for the application on the Start menu applies.

6, refused to Group similar taskbar

While Windows XP “Group similar taskbar buttons” setting can certainly make your task bar to open a small window, keep it clean, but some need to open multiple windows of the same work is very inconvenient. If you are so often used QQ online chat communication software and people, then, if there is more than two friends at the same time and you talk to, you will immediately feel that XP default settings of this inconvenience – to switch every time you want to talk to the object time, first click the group, and then the pop-up menu re-election want to talk to friends, and every friend in the group where the icon displayed is the same, talk more than an object, you may need to click one by one look in the end who has just responded to, then waiting for your response, but also the wrong one, it’s also starting from the group of election, a lot of trouble. Apparently, not as good as the original that opened a few windows in the task bar every time you can click on the small window to begin chatting. Change Method: Click “Start → Control Panel → Appearance and Themes → task bar and ‘Start’ menu” in the pop-up window, the “Group similar taskbar buttons” option in front of the hook removed.

7, change the file date

want to modify XXX.exe (any exe file) the date, you can MS-DOS mode, type copy XXX.exe +,, (Note: The plus sign followed by two after the comma), the system asked to type “Y & rdquo ; that is, changing the current date.

8, uninstall unwanted dynamic link

resource governance are quite often left unused in the memory, the dynamic link, in order to eliminate this phenomenon, you can open the Registry Editor, set the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ EXPlorer \ AlwaysUnloadDLL = DWORD: 1 Set it to 0, this function will be closed. Note: In order to make the settings take effect, need to restart your computer.

9, delete the system, the extra dll files

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ sharedlls” record shared dll information, behind the numbers indicate the current dll files from being shared with a few applications, if its value is 0, then, that it is a redundant, you can do it to delete the

10, so that the document read ZIP breakdown

Windows XP supports ZIP by default document, but the system will do a lot of resources, you can close this feature, just in the “Start” menu’s “Run\. dll “can

11, the temporary file will affect the performance of the system

into the “Internet Options” midpoint “Internet temporary file folder” in the “Settings” button in the Open dialog box midpoint “Move folder” to move the Internet Temporary Files folder another panel, do not let it, and system files on the same disk area, which is due to the temporary file is small, more chaos, will produce a lot of debris, if it, and system files together will affect the performance of the system .

12, to delete unnecessary programs

In addition, when you installed WinXP, and perhaps a moment all the greed of all programs installed, later realized that there was no use. However, in the Control Panel’s “Add / Remove Programs” does not generate trace. At this time, you can use the following methods to force them to show up: one must show hidden files and folders, perform the following control steps: Click “Start → Control Panel → Tools → Folder Options\In the View tab in the list of hidden files and folders branch, click on “Show all files and folders.” To edit the Add / Remove Windows Components dialog box, perform the following control steps: first, to ensure that, where necessary, be able to return to the initial setting state, before you start manipulating save sysoc.inf file (located on your hard disk \ Windowst \ inf \ Sysoc.inf folder) is a backup and the Backup Designated a different name, such as Sysoc2.inf. Open Sysoc.inf file. Each line of the file on behalf of a plain text file can be in the Add / Remove Windows Components dialog box displays the component. For example: You can Pinball = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, pinball.inf, HIDE, 7 change Pinball = ocgen.dll, OcEntry, pinball.inf,, 7 save Sysoc.inf files, then be closed and re-start the盘算机. After, you can in the Control Panel’s “Add / Remove” and delete the game Pinball. Procedure is very simple, for those who want to see the components in the dialog box, delete the corresponding line of plain text file in the word HIDE (do not delete the comma). However, to note that this method can not remove the Fax Services core components such as Win.

you want to automatically run a disk innate “autorun.inf” file and use Notepad to open, write to: [Autorun> open = (fill in here, would like to automatically run programs, such as: C: \ Windows \ notepad . exe, behind the Canadian parameter / autorun) icon = (here fill in some icons, such as: C: \ 123.ico) so that our hard drive with some CD-ROMs, as in the open when the program will automatically set the .

13, in the Windows98 in DOS to restore deleted files under

Recycle Bin in the Windows98 can only restore the Windows to delete the contents of the inside, use the following method can Windows98 in DOS mode to restore deleted files: First run the “Lock” command, lifting of Windows on the disk access limitations. And then use the command “UnDelete” recovery. Or re-boot into DOS, run “UnDelete” is also OK, but must act fast, otherwise, can not be resumed.

Windows XP safe weight loss: The following method is my current winXP weight loss method, through use, I feel relatively safe, effective and obvious, at least 300m of space can be reduced. Note: not recommended for beginners to use

remove the drive back up: Windows \ Driver cache \ i386 directory file (73MB), but after the installation of new hardware every time we must insert the Windows installation CD to delete system files backup (usually not very used ): Run the command line sfc / purgecache

delete backup dll files: If you copy the installation files or CD-ROM is installed, you can do so. Windows \ system32 \ dllcache under the file (minus the 200 – 300mb).

application skills view includes more and the “commonly used in computer tips” related articles, for the capacity of the first article in this area is still relatively large number of, if you think this article is the wrong place, or Do you have a unique insight, you are welcome to express their views to the computer knowledge and recommendations of the Forum. If you like to learn computer knowledge, please keep in mind the only site domain name

IE can not view the source file causes and applica

2010 March 29
Posted by hbqiww

IE can not view the source file causes and application skills!

photoshop tutorial making non-mainstream pictures

2010 March 28
Posted by hbqiww

photoshop tutorial making non-mainstream pictures big round

【Share】 [Classic] non-mainstream picture production tutorial

PS Broken Borders produced five

Simple feizl photo frame to produce a

[Intermediate Tutorial] ps create a dynamic map snow

[ps tutorial] ‖ ‖ Korean signature dynamic map production

[ps tutorial] Ugly beauty changed the whole process (the classic tutorial)

[ps tutorial] ps transferred out with the romantic de color!

[ps tutorial] PUNK decadent effects production

[ps tutorial] elapsed Angel – non-mainstream production (classical)

[ps tutorial] Picasa2 how to color digital photo into a black and white photographs

[ps tutorial] to teach you do not have eyelashes Yang Hao brush to the eyelashes longer

[ps tutorial] teach you to make fantastic surround aperture

[ps tutorial] Halftone Screen Effect

[ps tutorial] non-mainstream photographic production: changes in skin color

[More Tutorials]:

Net zero computer knowledge to teach you how to vi

2010 March 27
Posted by hbqiww

Net zero computer knowledge to teach you how to view the card’s MAC address of

in the Windows 98 control system, you can “run” where type “winipcfg” to open “IP Settings” window, the window of the “adapter address” item, the there, such as “00-E0-4C-39-93-2D” 16 hexadecimal address is the network card’s Mac address.
However, in Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, the need to use the “ipconfig” command. It can display the current situation of the computer’s network settings, if the type “ipconfig / all” on the computer can display the current settings of all network parameters, including the Mac address of network card.
Parameter Description

(1) / all
Show all network adapters (network cards, dial-up connection, etc.) a complete TCP / IP configuration information. And non-usage of parameters in comparison with its more comprehensive information on more, such as the IP address is dynamically assigned, indicating the physical address of network card.
(2) / batch file name
Ipconfig information will be displayed in plain text file means write to the specified file, this parameter can be used to back up the machine’s network settings.
(3) / release_all and / release N
Release all (or specified) adapter is assigned by the DHCP dynamic IP address. This parameter applies to non-static IP address assigned cards, usually renew argument.
(4) ipconfig / renew_all or ipconfig / renew N
For all (or specified) adapter is re-assigned IP addresses. This argument also applies only to non-static IP address assigned cards, and release parameters are usually used in combination.

Crack Windows XP login passwords _125

2010 March 26
Posted by hbqiww

Windows XP login password crack

Windows XP system, a strong and friendly interface, won the favor of a growing number of users, but its user security audit that is very strict, and if you forget to set the password (password), do not think that can be such as Windows 98 did select “Cancel” can also enter the system – and I think you have to install Windows XP, it is very clear. Of course, this also had a terrible experience, was only our attention.

landing because there is no password, unable to enter the system; the initial method of always choose to re-install Windows XP, but this approach, but cumbersome and time-consuming effort, after repeated experiments, finally found a can does not need any other software , you can crack Windows XP logon password methods:

crack login password, however, need to have two necessary conditions:

1. to install Windows XP partition must be FAT32 file system;

2. user name is not Chinese characters.

in identifying these two conditions are met, you can perform the following steps to crack login password.

1. bootable Win XP, when running to the “Starting Windows XP” prompt interface, press “F8″ key to transfer out of the system boot selection menu, select “Safe Mode with command line”; ” / p>

2. When the run is stopped, will be listed “Administrator” and other users of the select menu (in this case to other users to xpuser01 example), select “Administrator” after the carriage return, enter the command line mode; ” / p>

3. type the command “” net user xpuser01 1234/ADD “This is a change the user password, the order of” 1234 “is changed the new password, type the user does not exist if (xpuser01) , then the system will automatically add the user.

4. In addition you can also use “net 1oca1group administrator xpuser01 / ADD” command to the user upgraded xpuser01 super user, you can have all the permissions.

5. The final step is to restart the computer, the login window, enter the new password just to change can be a successful landing.

If you have lost login passwords are being troubled by the case, might try this method.

application skills view includes more and the “crack Windows XP login passwords” related articles, for the first capacity in this area is still quite a lot of articles, if you think this article is the wrong place, or Do you have a unique insight, you are welcome to express their views to the computer knowledge and recommendations of the Forum. If you like to learn computer knowledge, please keep in mind the only site domain name